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July 2016

Dear Universe

Dear Universe:

In the last three years, you have taught me many things.

I thought I was a broken woman.  Then I learned I was a strong woman.

I thought I was worthless.  Then you showed me I am priceless.

I was told I was the worst mom ever.  Then you showed me that all THE WORST moms are the ones doing their job.

I found out that an entire life could shatter in one day.  Then I learned an exploding life, it doesn’t kill you.

And furthermore, THAT LIFE, that new fragile little life, it would be full of wonder and love and friendships and family and dreams you thought you’d given up on forever.

So, Universe, I appreciate the lessons, but if we could slow them down a little, just for a while…I’d be extremely grateful.

Thanks for considering!


I am a writer?

Today was supposed to be a day full of applying for jobs and writing fiction and blogging.  Instead, I’ve spent the day shopping for books, catching Pokemon, swimming with the kids, and playing PoohSticks.  For sure, more fun than my original plan.


I started my job search about six weeks ago.  I finally finished my degree in December (after a decade of classes between full-time jobs and raising kids, thank you very much!) I’ve been aware of the fact that I need to change jobs since then, but I love my current job working as the Digital Sales Lead in our local bookstore!  So, I’ve been searching this summer with only half a heart.

Now, because of personal circumstances (read, divorce papers final), I really need to find a better paying job.  My work experience is in Human Resources.  My degree is in Psychology.  My passion is writing.  And I can’t decide between them.  Is money more important?  Is a career or my personal happiness?  Will I die if I try to be a writer and fail??

For once in my life, I’m stuck because I have too many options.

So, my Teenager does tarot readings!  I had her read for me yesterday.  (I had banned her from doing further tarot readings for me when she got WAY too scary good at it.  There are just some things I don’t want to know.)  In the course of this reading, I realized I need to be a writer.  It is the one and only thing I’ve really ever dreamed of being.  The one constant in my ever-changing, crazy life.  I have always been too unsure, too scared, too busy, too sick, too whatever, to stand up and say, “I am a writer.”

What am I waiting for now?  Here I go…

I am a writer.  Here is my blog.  I hope it brings you some pleasure.

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