The Fall Guy by James Lasdun


When Matthew comes to stay with his wealthy cousin, Charlie, for the summer, all things appear idyllic. Matthew, Charlie, and Charlie’s wife, Chloe, laze around the pool, read, play games, and dine on amazing meals sourced from local ingredients (this seems to be very important).

Matthew tells us that he prides himself on being true to his feelings, to experiencing them and scrutinizing their origins. (This being self-aware comes from years of therapy.) So, it comes as no surprise that he’s in love with Charlie’s wife.  While “accidentally” following Chloe one day, he discovers that she’s cheating. Matthew spends much of the rest of the book following Chloe and her lover, trying to figure out what his next move is, all the while making worse and ever more horrible choices surrounding his actions.

The book definitely kept me reading.  You eventually realize that Matthew is a pretty unreliable narrator, and I wanted to find out what Matthew would ultimately do.  The backstory between the cousins is intriguing and promises many big reveals.

Unfortunately, when the big moment comes – the one big reveal is less than breathtaking. A lot less.

And, I still need to know – what happened to Matthew’s father?!?

Read it? Let me know if you agree with my review in the comments below!

Rating: 60/100

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