Magicians Impossible.


Brad Abraham

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Jason, the loser bartender, is attending his estranged fathers funeral when the book opens. (He, of course, was raised by a lovable but strict aunt and uncle after the death of his mother.) Jason learns about magic on the same day and his whole life changes. It turns out that he is pivotal in the war raging between natural born mages and tattooed witches.

Is Magician’s Impossible predictable? Does it have a “chosen one”, and an orphan, a fight against good and evil and then a twist at the end? It is, and it does. Other’s criticisms of the book are warranted.

BUT it’s so much fun!

Although this is Abraham’s first novel, his background in screenwriting and graphic novels is evident, as the action is fast-paced and well executed. I was able to clearly “see” the magic fights and what was happening at all times. The descriptions of real places (Paris, London) were accurate, and the made up places (Cold Spring, Citadel) were well thought out and made to seem real.

This was a fun romp once it got moving. I am hoping that it is the start of a series (otherwise I will be angry at the ending!)

(A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.)

Rating: 75/100

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