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November 2017

A Killer Harvest – a book review in 200 words

A Killer Harvest

by Paul Cleave


In A Killer Harvest, Paul Cleave writes the most exciting and memorable opening chapter for a thriller that I have had the pleasure to read. Without giving anything away to kill the pleasure of discovery, two police officers go to arrest a man they are sure is responsible for the brutal death of a young woman found along the side of the road. A chase ensues and a couple of bone-chilling deaths, as well.

These deaths mean that a young man receives the gift of sight from a relative; you must assume that someone else receives the eyes of a serial killer. Whatever your opinion of the cell-memory phenomenon (memories and changes to personality transplanted along with organs to recipients), Cleave makes you believe for the length of his story.

This book also has at least one jaw-dropping surprise and a couple of twists that I did not see coming. In hindsight, they make perfect sense and I feel like this, more than any other quality, is the mark of a great thriller. Cleave tells a great story, is unafraid to kill characters to further the suspense and surprises even the most jaded reader. You should probably read A Killer Harvest.

Rating: 80/100

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