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April 2019

Five Unicorn Flush – a book review in 200 words

Five Unicorn Flush

(The Reason [or Space Unicorn], #2)


T. J. Berry



First, if you have not read Space Unicorn Blues by T. J. Berry, go do that now. Like, right now.

Done? Good. Wasn’t it fantastic?!

Now for the review of the second in the series:

In Five Unicorn Flush, the full cast is back, including Captain Jenny, Cowboy Jim, Bao Zhi and Gary, along with elves, fairies, sentient spaceships and all manner of mythical creatures.

Gary, the half-unicorn and prince, is struggling to keep the rest of the Bala happy on the new world to which they have been sent to keep them safe from humans. But on their new world, there are no modern conveniences, they are starving, and bone-strippingly acidic water and drag-you-into-the-woods shadow creatures are trying to kill them.

In the meantime, the Reason is in search of the place the Bala have been sent. How are they to function in any capacity without their servants (slaves) and without Bala magic? There is a contingent of humans on the way to the new Bala world, but the journey is fraught with danger, including cannibals, pirates and spies. It’s crazy…and also makes complete sense.

Berry’s voice is clever, funny and unique. I’ve never read books quite like these and I am so glad that this is a series! Go read her so she keeps writing this series, please and thank you!

Rating: 97/100

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Never Tell – a book review in 200 words

Never Tell

(Detective D.D. Warren #10)


Lisa Gardner


Never Tell is the 10th book in the Detective D.D. Warren series and the 3rd book with Flora Dane as a POV character. The dynamic between Warren and Dane is fantastic; one is a great detective with a loving family who can’t help but do things a little outside the box. The other a tortured (kick-ass) young woman looking for revenge, but also for forgiveness.

The mystery in this book revolves around a pregnant woman who has probably shot her husband and most definitely his computer; the same woman who accidentally shot her father when she was 16. Coincidence? Her mother is a crazy person and her relationship with her husband was definitely not normal. She’s a brilliant mathematician but works as a math teacher in a public school. There’s some weird stuff going on here and Gardner unfurls all of the clues and reveals with skill.

Flora Dane’s story line is also advanced here, with a deeper look into her kidnapper’s nefarious activities.

The relationships Gardner builds between her characters are compelling, which isn’t always the case in a mystery series. Gardner writes great mysteries (police procedurals) with great characters and interesting story lines. Try her, you’ll like her.

Rating: 89/100

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My Lovely Wife – a book review in 200 words

My Lovely Wife


Samantha Downing


Have you read this yet? My Lovely Wife is about a wife who is anything but lovely; married to a man who is despicable and whiny and of weak character, who is also the POV of the book.

To sum up this book very broadly, it is about an extremely twisted relationship between two serial killers. They didn’t start out that way, but you know, marriage can get pretty boring when you both work, have children to take care of, and you want to climb the social ladder. And obviously, you’ll do anything to please your beautiful wife who you do not deserve. I cannot tell you a whole lot about the story line without giving some secrets away, so just know that some girls go missing and it’s a big deal.

So many people LOVE this book. Personally, for a book about two killers, this felt very tame. You are always kept one step away from all of the really interesting bits. BUT it is different than most of the other thrillers out these days, so there’s that. If you have a choice between The Silent Patient and My Lovely Wife, choose the asylum! Wait for this in paperback IMO.

Rating: 79/100

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