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Apropos of Nothing

This post originally appeared on the site, where I and an incredible, amazing woman blogger write letters to each other that we are too lazy to actually mail. Please visit and follow when you have a moment! Enjoy!


My dearest, my beloved, my life-long friend:

So, I finally found the motivation to look at our site and write a bit of something, and what do I find but the words that you left two weeks ago that were exactly what I needed to hear on THIS day. Funny, how we work, together. I don’t know what universal force made it so that we would be in each others lives, but I thank them wholeheartedly for you every day.

I’ve always been envious of how you live in the moment; how you are yourself, no matter what; how you take on the world, on your own terms, and never compromise your beliefs.

I only ever wanted to fit in this crazy world, you never tried to.

And, so, I am struggling to figure out who I am again, still, a full three years after my life blew up…

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe:

In the last three years, you have taught me many things.

I thought I was a broken woman.  Then I learned I was a strong woman.

I thought I was worthless.  Then you showed me I am priceless.

I was told I was the worst mom ever.  Then you showed me that all THE WORST moms are the ones doing their job.

I found out that an entire life could shatter in one day.  Then I learned an exploding life, it doesn’t kill you.

And furthermore, THAT LIFE, that new fragile little life, it would be full of wonder and love and friendships and family and dreams you thought you’d given up on forever.

So, Universe, I appreciate the lessons, but if we could slow them down a little, just for a while…I’d be extremely grateful.

Thanks for considering!


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