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What’s wrong with you?

“Be the you HE likes. Good to be around, any time, any day. Agreenex helps. It doesn’t change your circumstances, but it keeps you from caring. Because without thoughts, feeling or inconvenient opinions, you’re more fun to be around. So use Agreenex. Isn’t he worth it? (And if he kicks you out, where will you live? Do you really think someone would give you a job? Look at you.)” – Bitch Planet by DeConnick & De Landro

Remember this.

Today, while working on our storyball, my eight year old and I were trucking along, bouncing ideas off of each other.  That is, until I stopped to ask him to clarify how a stone boat could float.  I was thinking he had just missed that detail and would correct it if I brought it to his attention.

He said, “It’s a story mom, ANYTHING can come true!

Touché, young man, touché.


“Love isn’t something you earn, but something you receive, like a balm, like a benediction even when you’re at your very worst” – Savor by Shauna Niequist

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