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Thank You, Authors!

I was reading Zachary Petit’s book The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing (which you all should read because it is full of very, very good advice AND you should get it at Barnes & Noble because that’s where I work).  In his book, Mr. Petit explains he is a big believer in the Thank You note.  If you read something you appreciate, you should send the author a note just to tell them what you enjoyed, because authors like to hear it and don’t get that praise as often as we think.  So, I tweeted Mr. Petit a little thank you for the really good advice in his book.  Just sending my gratefulness out into the Universe.

AND I got a reply!



Again, following the advice in Mr. Petit’s (fabulous) book, I put together this website, a place to point editors who would surely (oh, please!) be looking for examples of my work in the very near future.

I took a vacation from my regular job, and wrote like a maniac.  Two of the items I worked on were reviews of books that I recently really enjoyed (read the reviews here: The Ecliptic and A Little Life).  For fun, I posted them on my social media with thank yous to the authors.

Guess what?!?

Both authors replied.

You’re welcome, Benjamin Wood
OMG, Hanya Yanagihara!

So, here is the reason for this post.  I have always found, and am still finding, writing to be a solitary endeavor full of self-doubt and a lot of what-the-hell-am-I-doing-this-for moments.  But then, you put something out into the world, and someone actually says they appreciate it.  That.  That one little note from a stranger who liked what you had to say.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to pick up the pen or get back on the computer.

If you have a favorite author or have found a new author whose work you enjoyed, send them a note (or a tweet or Instagram them) just as a reminder that we, the readers, appreciate their hard work.  Hey, author, you are not toiling away for nothing and we love your work!

And even though you’re not doing it for you’re own recognition, you never know what might happen!

So, what authors would you like to thank? Have you ever gotten a response tweet from a favorite author?  Leave me a comment!

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